It’s tough being a working mom but it’s tougher to be a stay at home home mom

Now before you come down my throats please let me tell you I am and have been in both situations. I was a full time working woman to a STAHM to back at work mom to a STAHM of two and now back at work. 

In all this time there is nothing more being tougher than a mom who has given up all to be home with her kids. The payback is amazing because you get the most hugs and I love yous and all nine yards. But just the fact that you seem to be losing your own identity and being just a mom is hard. It is so hard that you fight for the fact that you are a very important person. I don’t think a woman should have to tell people how hard it is. As a mom you do more physical work than someone “working” because you’re cleaning, cooking, laundering, picking up and swinging, driving, enthusiastically looking interested in what your child is doing at the ball game, and bucking them up at swim lessons, feeding and keeping peace. Oh and it’s not just physical, thinking what to cook that everyone will love, making up stories, vetting cartoons before hand, drawing, activities, concentrating on every word the child says because he will say you aren’t listening to him … I am getting tired just remembering what all I had to do!

Being a working mom feels like a breeze. Now I am not saying it’s just that, of course it is tough when you get back home and find your kids trying to rip each other apart after a long day. But sitting in the office for 8 hours and getting all the work done feels so easy compared to every minute at home. 

Yes it’s been so long since I wrote something but being at work has made me pretty tied up 🙈. (Lazy to write)


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