On the go mums!


Few days ago I wrote about products that we are not sure why have been invented in the first place. But some of you asked if I have a list of things that one must have as a mumma on the go! So here it goes…

Nappy Bag

Ok this is obvious. But a good nappy bag is a tough choice. In this day and age you don’t have to worry about carrying bags that have cartoons, flowers and bubbles on them. Elizabeth by Storksak was an answer to everything I needed. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the beautiful tan leather and the perfectly laid out compartments. Timi & Leslie, Nova Harley, Petunia Pickle Bottom are some others that are beautifully crafted luxury nappy bags.

Baby Carrier

Some people (like my husband) just do not like baby carriers. I on the other hand loved every bit about the fact that I could carry my baby while I cooked, cleaned, ran after a cab, globe trotted, shopped and even exercised. There are many baby carriers out there now. You just need to have a check list of things you want from a carrier.
My list was pretty simple; Structured, easy to put on, not too hot for the baby, can be washed and most importantly ergonomic. I ended up loving a made in USA, Kinderpack. Some good baby carriers out there are Ergo Baby, Manduca, Beco, etc.

Formula Dispenser

For parents who are formula feeding it is a pain to carry the formula around. The most common dispenser we see is the Avent dispenser. It is quiet wide and sometimes a pain because the formula gets stuck in the dispenser. But as you can see above there are always choices. Beaba stacker is a great alternative as it gives you the choice to use all three compartments or just one, it also is less wide so easily fits into nappy bag corner. Plus it turns into a snack container as your needs change. Joovy Boop dispenser is also a great option too, it works similarly to the Avent but is much more compact. tommee tippee has also come up with one of a kind dispenser that actually packs away in your tommee tippee bottles, but this is only a good option if you are not pre-filling your bottles with the water (lots of parents like to keep the measured boiled water in the bottles).

Food storage container

There are some great food storage solutions out there. whether you make small batches of puree to massive freezable collections, there is a solution for it all… Most of the storage containers are freezer friendly generally, just because moms don’t have time to make multiple foods every day for the bub. Optimal nutritional value in frozen meals lasts up to 3 months, we prefer finishing it up before that though.
Companies like Beaba make some beautiful products and I love the Freezing multiportions mould by them because it is not only freezable but you can also bake in them! I mean talk about forward thinking, when the baby is old enough to eat pasta or muffins you just make them in the same moulds!
Wean green cubes are superb for saving pretty much anything, plus they are perfect for on the go. No need for another baby bowl.

Disposable Changing Mats

Oh my my! do you know the pain every time an accident happens on that beautiful washable changing mat when you are on the go? I just took it out of the bag, saved space and put in the disposable mats. Use them and chuck them out. you can spend the money on those nice mats but trust me these are a life saver!

Other things in you nappy bag should be:

A small bottle of vaseline – Because a big one would be too big.
A nappy rash cream – You never know when you would need it.
Nappies – This is the obvious.
Wipes – Hands, bum, face, etc they all need it.
A soft toy – For those times when baby needs some comfort.
Portable phone charger – This sometimes is a life saver!
Nursing Cover or bottles – You might need them depending on the child’s age.
Extra clothes for you & baby – You pack for the baby, but forget babies who throw up on.
Disposable nappy bags – Sometimes you can’t throw the nappy (in doctor’s office).
Water bottle – Depending on the age of your child or for yourself.
Snacks – Again depends if you child needs it but you will always need them!
Sunscreen – Just because sun in a big scary thing down under!

Hmmm not sure if I am forgetting something… Oh wait! yes wallet! dont forget your wallet…I always forget it!

What about you guys?


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