10 Strange products in parenting world


When I was pregnant I used to go through all sorts of product reviews so I could buy the best baby stuff. But there were times I was completely baffled! Read on and you will understand what I mean

Here are only 10 of those products (it was way too hard to fit all of them in here):

1. Baby Pee-Pee Teepee

Totally adorable, completely useless.


2. Placenta Teddy Bear

Forget about clothes or your medical tags as keepsakes when you can use your baby placenta and made it into a teddy bear…


3. Berjuan Breastfeeding doll

Now you can spend hundreds of dollars for your growing girl and teach her how to breastfeed since the tender age of 3… now who is not going to buy this?

breast mil baby doll.jpg

4. Sperm Earings

Errr… No


5. Baby Bangs

Because baby don’t look beautiful without hair.


6. Baby Perfume

Yes we need to get rid of that disgusting newborn baby smell.


7. Kickbee

Tweet! I kicked Mummy! Tweet! I kicked mummy again!! Tweet! I kicke…… Time to turn off that twittering!

(Kickbee sends out a tweet to your followers every time baby kicks)


8. Zacky Infant Pillow

Yes, this is not creepy at all… like not even the slightest bit.index

9. Travel Urinal

This is a bottle… with an elephant face? You are asking your child to pee on an elephant…hope they don’t do it on a real elephant.






10. Babi-kini

So appropriate to have your little girl in string bikinis!kitty-kat_bikini_large


So here are some of my strange products. Do send me yours.


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