When that second line appears…

If you are reading this because you are pregnant then… congratulations!!

I have done the test twice in my life and both times I had a similar reaction. Happy, shocked, confused, doubtful, amused, sad, OMG, hyperventilating, tears, amazing!


But what are the next steps? Everyone is so flustered finding out they are pregnant they forget what is the next thing they should do. And I am not talking about just taking your vitamins here.


Go to the GP. Get a blood test done. Get confirmation. Move to step 2.

Give love to those feet 

img_7512Believe it or not it gets tough to start cleaning your feet pretty soon. Ok maybe not soon but it does get tough. If you’re having baby number 1, enjoy loads and I mean LOADS of pedicures for the next 9 months. Because once the baby is here you wouldn’t have the two-hour long luxury for … pretty much anything.

Monster brows are not fun! 

I get monster brows pretty often because I have a tendency of not making appointments for 3 months! I have two kids and my brow game has never been worse. Learn from my mistakes and over the next few months make sure you find someone who can help you and your brows get in its most natural shape so it would be easy maintain them when you are unable to make it post baby. Also find someone who is baby friendly!

Manage thy tresses 

pink-hair-scissors-and-comb-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-GS4Xpq-clipart copyVery soon you wouldn’t step into a full servicing salon as you will read how bad the chemicals and fumes are in a salon for your un/born child. Find yourself a good home run salon where you can go worry free and start getting hair cuts while your hair is nice and healthy, it will come in handy later. Again it’s a plus if it is kid friendly because once you have the bub you can easily take them there.

Clean that closet!

If you are anything like me, you buy stuff and forget about it. This is the best time to start cleaning the closet for 2 reasons. First you will need the space. Even if you have a baby’s room you will need more space in your own closet for a lot of things, so yes space is a must. Secondly sell those things for extra cash! It’s amazing how Internet helps you sell anything and everything. A plus for selling stuff (other than the cash) is not worrying about how to get it all out of the house.

Baby Mooning

Santorini – 2013

It is no secret that once the baby is born it will always be the three of you. Now is the time to be just with each other. If you can get away it is a great idea to go somewhere and relax for a little while. When we were having our first baby we went to Turkey and Greece. It was amazing!! With our second one as we already had a toddler and little more complicated pregnancy hence we decided on multiple, short, day trips outside the city. But definitely missed the whole baby moon experience.

Stop watching your series 

Hear me out before you shut me down! You need these for postpartum. You know, when you are nursing the baby at home, there is nothing much you can do, well because you are just sitting. Yes you can read a book but it’s hard to work it out while nursing. That is when all the series come in handy! You relax and catch up on all those shows then! Seeee… It all makes sense right?


Pregnancy is a great time to eat whatever you want without feeling guilty. Plus enjoy eating because once the baby is here you will be gobbling down food just to stay alive.

Read a book

I haven’t been able to read a complete a book in a long time because I am constantly distracted by my little minions (doesn’t stop me from starting one though). But yes it was great when I could take a book and just finish it in a few days.

Soak yourself in a bath…


Enjoy yourself! This time will never come again (I mean you might get pregnant again but it will be completely different from this one!) so embrace the sickness and that horrible grey looking skin that you might get and just relax… fun times are just ahead! Best of luck!




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