Once the sun goes down…

I am not a perfect mom. My kids don’t go to bed at 7 pm everyday, but I try to get them in as early as possible. Not because it is good for them (I’m sure they will be fine going to bed at 9 as well), but it’s for me and my sanity. Like every mom, I need to create time for ‘Me’ ‘Myself’ and ‘I’. Are you with me? I need time on my own without the kids. It hasn’t been easy to be a stay at home mom and being with kids all the time (as much as I love it), I need that little bit of space from them. So once the sun goes down and they go to bed I stay up doing things on my own that help me get up in the morning happily.

Here are some things that I do on regular basis – somewhat.

Clean up

Ok this is probably the only thing I can say happens every single day. Once the kids are off to bed I begin my cleaning process just because I am making way for more mess tomorrow. Even though I don’t enjoy this activity as much, I do feel that it probably is the only time during the day that I have full control over the situation as there is no one trashing the place when I turn around (it happens way too often).


I don’t know when was the last time I finished a book but I have a few in progress. I love reading fiction some Persian and Urdu poetry and sometimes some philosophy. Reading just helps to keep the mind running from ruining.

I looooove to bake. Not for anyone’s compliments but for my own pleasure. It feels very therapeutic while I am measuring and mixing the ingredients and a sense of comfort comes when I smell that combination of sugar, eggs and flour rising up in the oven and making my house smell like heaven! It helps me shut down for a little while.

I am a fan of up cycling things, I have painted dressers, embroidered stuff, added a special touch to a throw etc etc. I enjoy making new things as well; like stitching myself a skirt (I’m new to sewing), or make garlands for the kids room. Even though it is a lot of effort if helps me give me my “me” time and in the end it feels like a big achievement when I look at the end result.


Some days when I am too tired to do anything else I pick up my Sudoku or crosswords books (yup I do not like to play on my phone anymore) and disconnect myself from everything to just feel like I have used my brain but I haven’t exhausted myself.

Binge watching 

Ok I am a huge TV junkie. I enjoy catching up on lots of seasons of one show together. Some I watch with my partner but some I don’t bother to include him in. Only because I am not really watching them but using them as noise for my ears and shut down my brain. But I am currently loving the documentary Chef’s Table on Netflix.

These are the things that keep me sane. What do you do to shut down?


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