Sometimes I feel like a bad mother

I am sure I am not alone but I am not a bad mother and I am sure you, yes you who probably started crying looking at the topic; you aren’t a bad mother either.

No matter how hard it is do not believe that you are a bad mother. But the irony is that the fear of being a bad mother drives us all to be good, rather great mothers. But today I am not talking about that constant feeling of failure. I am talking about when you actually feel guilty about doing or thinking something that you would never want to do to your child nor would you wish upon any other child.We all feel it at some point or the other. Sometimes you get so mad at your child that you actually want to smack them and even though you wouldn’t, you feel like you are a bad mom to even think about it.

Some moms I know feel it when they are unable to give their child the nutritional food that a child needs but can’t afford it or their child has inability to take that food. But a mom feels guilty. Most of the times it is when a mother is unable to breastfeed her child. And this is also sadly where society makes you feel even worse.

Sometimes it is the feeling of not being able to send your child to preschool because you cannot afford it. And sometimes it is sending your child to preschool/daycare way too early in their life because you cannot afford to leave work.

Someone I knew wished their child would actually pass on. This great woman always felt horrible to wish that but she was such a great mother. Her child had a disability which was very painful. So painful that no parent could see their child in so much pain. But she kept wishing for health and when health didn’t come she wished for peace for her child. Even though her child’s peace meant she would never sleep at night, she would never stop crying and she would never have another child.

None of these mothers are bad mothers and neither am I. We are strong mothers. We lose our temper sometimes but that means we are human enough to love. We sometimes don’t give enough but that means we have so much more to give.

You are the best your child can get.


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