With 2 kids in a faraway land 

As I am currently based in Sydney I sometimes feel I am cut off from the world because all my family and friends are in different ends of the world but hardly anyone is here. The journey back to Pakistan takes forever so it isn’t like I can pick up the bags every few months and go see the family… We wait almost a whole year to go back. So everyday is obviously is a struggle when it comes to entertaining the children. But here are a few tips for mums who might be struggling.

  • Join your local Facebook mums page

The girl power is a real thing. When I had moved to Sydney I did not know a soul. Someone told me there are many Facebook groups for all areas for mums specially. I met quiet a few mums through the group and some of them have become great friends.
The support is amazing. Anytime I am looking for something or even when I want to go the park with other mums I just put up a post and get an amazing response. Even if there is no one else among the initiative to meet you can always ask and people will be happy to come.

  • Bake with them

It is amazing when you bake some cookies there is nothing but smiles and an amazing smelling house. And if you have too much of the dough left you can always freeze it for later! 

  • Go on a nature walk

Ok so this is a bit of a trick. It’s basically going to your usual park and getting them to focus on the leaves and flowers and different branches that have fallen off. It is amazing how they enjoy the colours of fallen leaves and flowers. Oh and they can sometimes spot some bunnies as well!

  • Play make belief 

Let them sit in a diaper box and help them imagine the possibilities! Space rocket? Car? Aeroplane? Or is it inside freezer? You will be surprised at how they start coming up with their own ideas!

  • Picnic inside your house

Ok so this has to be my favourite! I love it when I can just put a rug out on the balcony and get them to just relax, read books and sip some tea.

  • Let them get bored!

It is absolutely fine to let them get bored and do nothing. You have given them the toys and tools. If they really want to play with them they will. If not than it is ok to let them just get bored.

And if you don’t have the patience. It’s ok if they watch a little TV, they wouldn’t go mad.

P.S there will be more tips coming


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  1. great blog! i’m not a mom myself, but a pakistani girl in america!
    would love if you’d follow & check out my blog as well! love meeting and connecting with fellow paki girls here 🙂
    instagram: @sprinkleofsurprise

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